This tournament was set up in 2001 to provide a competition in which all juniors would have an open and fair chance of making it from a small domestic competition to a national final.  Qualification and the right to play in the later stages is earned purely on results over the board.  

This Year
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In the Spring Term each year, schools and clubs run a 7 round qualification event.  Some people even run extra qualification events as a weekend tournament, so players can qualify from those as well.  School club managers who have never run events before should not be concerned as we provide you with all the information you need to run the qualification round; we can even recommend cheap but effective computer pairing programs that can run the whole tournament for you.  It is very easy to follow and to download.

At the end of the competition, organisers must submit their full results to CCF who collate the final scores.  The highest scoring boys and girls (one third minimum of those involved) will qualify for their age group semi-finals along with anyone else who has scored 15 points or more out of 21.  (This is a change to past years when 17 points was the qualification threashhold along with only the top boy and girl).

In early Summer each year, the semi-finals will be held (details will be published on this web site under the relevant year's competition.  Qualified players may choose to enter any 1 of those semi-finals in their bid to reach the final.  They will not be tied to specific semi-finals based on region although they cannot go from one event to another if they fail the first time.

Anyone scoring more than 50% in their semi-final (should a semi-final section be merged, then a ruling will be made on the score required) will qualify for finals day, which will be held in September.  The top 2 players from each semi-final competition will qualify for an all-play-all final to decide the National Champion in each age group.